Weekly Scripture Reading

The Weekly Scripture Reading, also known as the Torah Portion, is a annual cycle that reads from the Torah, Prophets and New Testament in a weekly fashion.

Each week, we join with family and friends on Saturday to honor God’s Sabbath Day of rest and read the Weekly Scripture Reading, known as the Torah Portion.

Due to its use around the world, it holds as a staple for believers to learn, study and discuss in a structured and organized fashion. It is also the first century believer’s approach to learning the WORD of our Creator, what is instructed of those in covenant with Him, and how to obediently walk in His Ways [Acts 15].

Join us weekly as we read through the WORD of God.

THE WHAT: The Weekly Scripture reading is a systematic breakdown of the Bible to read through a portion of the Torah [first five books of the Bible], Prophets, Writings and New Testament each week.

THE HOW: Each week there is a portion posted to read and meditate on, that is read together, corporately around the world, on the Sabbath.

THE WHEN: Traditionally, the Torah Portion restarts each year after the Feast of Tabernacles [Deuteronomy 31], then read each Sabbath.

THE WHERE: The portions are posted each week at MyHouseMinistries.net [among various places online].

and most importantly… THE WHY:

Here are a few reasons why our family at My House loves the Weekly Readings.

1. Biblical Precedence. It is the first century believer’s approach to learning the Holy Word of our Creator, what is instructed of those in covenant with Him, and how to walk obediently in His Ways [Acts 15].

2. Unity. Believers all over the world are reading, studying, and meditating on the SAME words at the same time each year! Many times, we receive revelation through the Holy Spirit, that was confirmed in a brother or sister in another part of the world, that same day. There is power in coming together as we read the Word!

3. Discipline. It can be easy to fall into the trap of studying aspects of the scriptures that are exciting to us or topics that are trending. The Torah Portions help us dig into the Word, in a structured format, year by year, to remember all that He has instructed His people! We are constantly being reminded of details easily forgotten.

4. Depth. Each year, we are hopefully growing closer to our Creator through Messiah and the Spirit of God. This means that our understanding will also continue to grow. Sections of scripture and or instructions that may have seemed small, physical, and confusing in the past now will have deeper, more spiritual impacts!

This year, our My House family will be following a slightly modified version of the Weekly Scripture Readings, known as the Torah Portion – and we are inviting YOU to JOIN us!

The Torah section each week will be consistent to what everyone else is reading around the world.

The slight variation will be a three year cycle, that will read through the ENTIRETY of scripture! Each week, there will be a reading from the Prophets, Writings and New Testament in a chronological order through each book.

Join us as we embark on a journey to read the WHOLE WORD of our Almighty Creator!

May the LORD bless you and keep you as you continue walking in all of His Ways.