The Return of Messiah

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THE RETURN OF MESSIAH – Trumpets or Atonement?

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WEEK 28 | METZORA | מצורע | “LEPER”

From Genesis to Revelation, beginning to end, we see a full picture of the plan set forth by Abba Father, from Creation to Death & Resurrection to Eternity. In all settings and in all books, the Word points forward to the Messiah or looks back, pointing to the Messiah. The Good News.

2098. euaggélion – the Gospel – literally, “God’s good news.”

The Gospel (2098 /euaggélion) includes the entire Bible, i.e. it is not limited to how a person becomes a Christian.

Bible Hub: Strong’s Concordance

From a prison cell, Paul speaks of this Good News, a message that isn’t limited to just a few chapters in the Scriptures. He’s experienced the Word come alive in him and he’s willing to stand fast in the face of adversity and trial. He’s being held in chains for being a follower of Jesus (Y’shua), counting it all joy and considering it an advancement of the Word. His witness is incredible! He has people trusting his Master and being BOLD to speak fearlessly and spread the message out in the world… all due to his witness and his willingness to walk out the Good News.

This week’s Torah portion is from Leviticus 14-15, laws or instructions about the leper and how to handle a bodily discharge. The readings continues the discussion of being set-apart as holy before the Almighty God. Here we see specific guidelines for the safety and health of a leprous person and also a woman dealing with any discharge of blood. This includes her niddah (monthly menstruation) or an abnormal discharge. Also we see Yah give instructions for male emissions of bodily fluids. In any of these situations, we are to be mindful of any surface our bodily fluids touch. Surfaces are unclean & flesh is unclean when in contact with leprosy, blood or semen. We are instructed to wash ourselves and are unclean until evening. Some instances and situations call for a longer span of uncleanness. What we see here is a part of the Good News, which includes being washed by water and being made clean. “Let us draw near with a true heart in completeness of belief, having our hearts sprinkled from a wicked conscience and our bodies washed with clean water.”

“Let us draw near with a true heart in completeness of belief, having our hearts sprinkled from a wicked conscience and our bodies washed with clean water.”


Yeshua came and made a way for us to come boldy to the throne of grace, receiving his mercy and his finding his grace (Heb 4:16). He was prophesied in Isaiah to lead the blind, to make darkness light and to make crooked places straight. Does this mean we won’t experience “chains” like Paul? Does it mean bad things won’t befall us? Absolutely not! But those things will hopefully, if we allow it by dying to our flesh, advance the Good News!

If our Creator is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do, we should take seriously the need to be set apart and clean, having eyes to see and ears to hear, washing ourselves in the water of His Word and the blood of the sacrifice of the Lamb. To be prepared for when the hard times come so that we aren’t caught off-guard and unable to stand fast through the trials and temptations.

“When you pass through the waters, I am with you; and through rivers, they do not overflow you. When you walk through fire, you are not scorched, and a flame does not burn you. For I am יהוה your Elohim, the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl, your Saviour.”

Isaiah 43:2

We have witnesses to this truth! Daniel in the lions den. The Israelites fleeing Egypt. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fire. There are many more but two or three are really all we need! We can trust Him at His word that He cares for us, is making a way for us in the “wilderness” of this world.

This portion is a timely reminder to humble ourselves and with all trembling to FEAR & OBEY YAH! To sanctify ourselves so that we bear fruit of the Spirit that is righteous, being defenders of the whole Word of Elohim our Father and Yeshua our Savior so that love might be extended more in knowledge and discernment. For the Good News to be spread unto all the earth.

Euaggelion. The Gospel of Yeshua, for Elohim’s glory! HalleluYAH!

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WEEK 27 | Tazria | “She Will Conceive” | תזריע


All these words come to mind in a summarization of this week’s readings. It is a hard stretch to go from childbirth purification to battles with the Philistines to Yeshua’s death to rejoicing! But amazingly we, again, get to see that happen. It’s a beautiful picture of the Gospel, from beginning to end. Life to Death. Yah’s promises and His plan being fulfilled.

In the Portion, Leviticus 12 and 13 are paired together and we see childbirth and leprosy together, which seems rather odd. After digging into the Word and seeking out the purpose of them together, we see a clear idea that Yah means for us to be clean in body and in mind, for all generations; holding fast to what is good. Childbirth is to be followed by a purification and “sin offering”. We had to search out to understand why childbirth would be considered a sin when we know that procreating was Yah’s original plan.

“God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

Genesis 1:29(a)

What we found is very simple really… to enter the Tabernacle, one must be completely clean, inside and out. A bodily discharge of fluid and/or blood made one unclean. The act of childbirth in and of itself was not a sin. Just like with leprosy, the body was unclean, impure; therefore, the person needed purification (and a sin offering) because it would be a trespass against Yah to enter His holy place. There is a longer period of time for women who bear female babies than males and some believe this is because the female child is born with the eggs that her body will need to bear life for future generations. Is this true? We aren’t sure but it is a beautiful thought! Yah is never lacking in details and surely there is a perfect reason for this doubling in length of uncleanliness.

Uncleanliness is not only a matter of the body being in an unclean state. It’s a matter of the heart. Can you imagine what it felt like to have to walk around the outside of the camp shouting “Unclean! Unclean!”? It surely would be a process of humbling yourself and purifying your heart. One could choose to turn away from Yah, who allows such “uncleanliness” and hard times, or he can turn to Abba and trust His will and His plans! As believers, we have the ability to draw near to the Father and repent, to trust in Him and endure through the suffering and hardships as our bodies and minds heal – being reborn and preparing us for Eternal Life!

Ancient Mikvah

In the the reading from Isaiah, we hear a loud warning against not trusting Yah and heeding His direction. Yah gives a challenge to the idolatrous people to show their power – “Let them!” “Present your case!” He says. His challenge is obviously rhetorical and he’s encouraging Israel that He alone is sovereign and in control. “See all of them are useless!” He says, “I shall also uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness.” He makes a mockery of the idolatrous people and confirms His promise and reveals His glory! His challenge to them is an admonition to us to keep ourselves from impure, idolatrous ways and to trust in Him and He will take care of our enemies.

“The scope of these verses is to silence the fears, and encourage the faith, of the servants of God in their distresses. Perhaps it is intended, in the first place, for the support of God’s Israel, in captivity; but all that faithfully serve God through patience and comfort of this scripture may have hope.”

Matthew Henry commentary

What do we see happen next in 1 Samuel? FAITHLESSNESS & IDOLATRY.

How fast they fall.

Depiction of Dagon next to the Ark of the Covenant

In short, the Philistines kill 4,000+ Israelites. They capture the Ark of the Covenant. Eli dies hearing of the Ark being captured and the death of his sons. Phineas’ wife dies after childbirth from the same. The Philistines are very proud people, hoping to worship the Ark by putting it beside their idol god, Dagon. Dagon falls at the hand of Yah. The Philistines profane the Ark and are plagued with tumors (the piles/hemorrhoids). They die by the thousands. They send the Ark back to Israel but not without much fear. The Israelites do nothing it seems!

So much death and destruction all due to the lack of fear of the Most High. They chose idolatry over eternity. Evil over good. They turned their ears from prophecy that foretold that this day would come and their impure hearts became their demise. As we see prophecy being fulfilled and the world worshipping false gods, do we recognize how quickly hearts turn from Truth to chase after their own vain ways? Yah will not be mocked and what pleasure is there in this world if there is no communion with Him? What glory is there if “The esteem has departed from Israel…” (vs. 22)? There is nothing new under the sun!

This week, for those who follow the Zadok Calendar, we celebrate Pesach (Passover) and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Seems fitting the Torah Portion aligns with the reading from John of the crucifixion of Yeshua. Where there was sin, there needed to be atonement. Where there was uncleanliness, there needed to be purification. It was the Day of Preparation for the Passover, Yeshua (Jesus), is brought to Pilate – who found no guilt in Him! He was dressed in a purple robe and a crown of thorns placed on His head. “Crucify him!” “Impale him!” they cried. And Yeshua submits to the authority given to Pilate from Yah. What a humble picture of what it looks like to submit and believe in the promise that is going to be fulfilled. To trust Abba Father in all His ways. It was prophesied, Yeshua submitted and became the Passover Lamb that would fulfill the need to offer a sin sacrifice any longer.

Can you imagine? I don’t think we can. We are so far removed in society, much like the Israelites with the Philistines, turning from Yah and seeking after our own passions and pleasures and many have fallen asleep. But praise Elohim we have the Holy Spirit (Ruach) poured out in us, those who believe & obey, and satan WILL fall before Yeshua. He has no power in our lives! Much like the challenge given to the idolatrous people by Yah, we can boldly challenge this world: “Show us your power and we will show you our ELOHIM!”.

Praise YAH! He is no longer on the cross/stake. His body was removed.

It is finished! HE IS RISEN!

“And he who has seen has witnessed, and his witness is true. And he knows that he is speaking the truth, in order that you might believe. “

John 19:35

“I have no greater joy than to hear
of my children walking in truth.”

3 John 1:4